Running for the board of directors in GNOME Foundation

I’m announcing my candidacy for the GNOME Foundation board of directors election.

Currently, I am the lead of the GNOME Asia committee. If I am elected to be a board member, it enables me to share my opinions and experiences in & from the Asia community with the board directly.

I am a Hongkonger who contributes to the open source and GNOME community for 20+ and 10 years. I grew up between the western and eastern cultures in the British colony. I embrace democracy and freedom which are the important values in the western. It is thankful that the open source community provides many different software tools, and I am always happy to contribute back to the community and the society with my experience, mindset, and knowledge in technology.

For the GNOME community, I organised the GNOME Asia Summit 2012 in Hong Kong with our local team. After the summit, I join the GNOME Asia committee in 2012 to help the committee to call for hosts every year, and gives advice and supports to the local teams.

For the open source community, I established Hong Kong Linux User Group (HKLUG) and Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK) in 1997 and 2006. Thanks to the success of the GNOME Asia Summit in Hong Kong, I established the Hong Kong Open Source Conference and PyCon Hong Kong in 2013 and 2015. Since 2011, I also travel to overseas open source conferences every year and meet with open source communities in the various cities in Asia, and travel to Bay Area, I built some connections with some Asia communities and global open source project communities.

Currently, I am the President of OSHK and the conference chair of PyCon HK. I am also a Mozilla Rep and a contributing member of the Python Software Foundation. I was a founder and director of HK Creative Open Technology Association which provides organisational support to our open source community works locally.

In my career, I own my IT service company in the 00s for 6 years and then become a freelancer for 10+ years. I learned and gained business operation experience.

I think communication is important to the GNOME community, and I hope my business operation experience and almost 20 conference organising experiences can help GNOME,  a new role can enable me to help. You may also read my interview on the GNOME blog to know more about me and my thoughts on GNOME.

Thanks for your consideration! I am sure we will have an excellent board of directors regardless of the results of this election.

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