Delight yourself in Python – PyCon HK 2022

Delight yourself in Python is the slogan of the PyCon Hong Kong 2022. I give the following speech in the Opening session.

Good morning! Thank you to joining the PyCon Hong Kong 2022, and you can meet with our speakers, sponsors, volunteers as well as other participants.

Many of us miss the physical learning experience after a few years of virtual PyCon. Nothing beats learning about the Python community firsthand and connecting with like-minded developers and data scientists to broaden your professional network. An event where you can be enlightened, inspired, fulfilled, and delighted to focus on Python topics that interest you.

Delight yourself in Python is the slogan of the conference this year suggested by Miss Claire Wong – one of our volunteers. It is a generic message for all the python lovers, who has passion in Python and Pycon, and it also means enjoy. For example, audiences, speakers and people who loves Python.

She highlights to us that the slogan has at least two parts:

1. Enjoyable , fun, great pleasure, beautiful to yourself and others

2. Enlightening , inspiring, something new & surprising to yourself and others

With support from some companies to help us make this conference happens. Thanks for our gold sponsors AWS and Microsoft.

We’ve received numerous proposals from speakers all over the world. We have 13 sessions today, including a keynote and two tracks of breakout sessions.

We will also have an online track with 4 international speakers next Saturday, partnering with COSCUP, which we will tell your more about at the closing session.

Our topics include a wide variety of interests, ranging from the purely technical to the more practically applicable. Some examples of these topics include 3D Visualization with Spatial Data for 5G Planning, Taking Machine Learning Models to Production Using Python and FastAPI. How to investigate the MySQL Operator for Kubernetes using Python, as well as how Python is being applied in the architectural, engineering, construction, and even healthcare industries.

PyCon HK is co-organised by HKCOTA, Open Source HK and Hong Kong Python User Group HKPUG.

HKPUG is the key meeting group for local Python community in last 15 years. If you would like to be a speaker to share a Python project and skill, PUG can help you to call for meetings on Facebook and meetup platform. And PUG invited OSHK and HKCOTA to start PyCon HK in 2015, it is 7 years ago.

Thanks for our 20+ volunteers this year. When you arrive our networking area at   8/F this morning, and you also see on the stage of each rooms , you can find the promotion stands which are design by our volunteer who studied in art school received an outstanding award at her graduate. A volunteer design the T-shirt with his illustration skill. We have a volunteer team for AV, you can see the camera man and the our volunteer who control the panel with their own expertises in AV. For pre conference, we got a program team to call for proposals, selecting papers and communicate with our speakers. Volunteer contact with different venuess and handle communication with venue. We can see how they delight themselves in Python to contribute in PyCon HK as volunteers.

And I would like give a special thank to Dr Haggen So and Mr Wanleung Wong .Three of us formed the Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association HKCOTA in 2014, a nonprofit tax-exempt organisation in HK. It is also an umbrella to handle the financial process and paperwork’s for local open source community events like PyCon HK. Nowaday a next generation of director board starts to volunteering at HKCOTA, please give them supports to make their contributions in Hong Kong.

I would like to thank the executive committee members of Open Source Hong Kong, they always become key members of the PyCon volunteer team to help with their work expertise in digital marketing to plan and execute the marketing strategy, and they always organize meetings and conferences and involve in the conference operation.

Python Software Foundation PSF grants us to use the branding of PyCon to organize PyCon in Hong Kong. PSF is a non-profit organization in US that holds the I.P. right and licensing of Python programming language, PSF also runs the PyCon US. I hope you can consider applying for their voting memberships including supporting members and contributing members. It can help us to continue the development of the Python community. If you are a voting member or applying to voting members today, you can find me at the Python community booth outside to get a gift, first come first serve until stock last.

To sustain the local Python user group and tech community, we are looking for more volunteers to help us organize Python meet-ups or events, if you are interested to speak at a meetup or organise a meetup or provide a free meeting room for us, please feel free to reach out me or contact admins in Facebook or

Last but not least, please visit the Python community booth at the networking area and grab small signage for selfies, share your PyCon or Python experience on your social network accounts with the hashtag pyconhk.

I hope you can enjoy the conference today, and I will give you a roundup at the closing session. Thank you.

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