GNOME Asia Summit 2018

GNOME Asia Summit 2018 takes place in Taipei on 11-12 August. It gathers GNOME contributors from Asia and Europe every year to share their contributions and experiences. I am invited to talk about the community, and thanks for GNOME Foundation to cover part of my accommodation expense in this Taiwan trip.

My topic is “What does GNOME.Asia bring to Hong Kong and Asia community ? My experience in 7 years” which is aimed to encourage Asians to contribute to GNOME community by sharing my experience from organising GNOME Asia Summit 2012 in Hong Kong.

My talk covers the success story of GNOME Asia Summit in Hong Kong which overcomes some difficulties. In the result, it helps the growth of the local community in this international city. And with my experiences, I works with other local teams to organise the summit in other Asia cities. In the end of my talk, I raises a discussion what should we do next in Asia for GNOME community ? I suggests to increase some works on education which encourage more students to make contributions to GNOME community eg. workshops and hackathons.

Apart from my talk, contributor meeting is my another key mission in this summit. I meets with representatives from board of directors at Friday night networking, and introduces previous GNOME Asia Summits to them who are first time to join this summit. On day 2, I also meets with core members of GNOME Asia committee to discuss changes of the committee for next year, I will help Ahmad Haris to co-lead the Asia committee in 2018-2019.

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