Blogger & Open Source Enthusiast: Sammy Fung

Born in British Hong Kong in the 70s, with 20+ years of working experience in the Information Technology industry, Sammy Fung is always passionate about promoting the development of Open Source technologies and Open Data.

When Sammy was a teenager, he learned computing and coding on his own, he tried free (no cost to use & redistribute and freedom) and open source Linux software, and he was deeply moved by a huge number of open source developers, he formed a local Linux User Group.

Later on, Sammy continued his community contribution to establish a few open source communities – Open Source Hong Kong, Hong Kong Open Source Conference, and PyCon HK, and co-organize some Asia Open Source conferences. Sammy also participated in open source conferences in Hong Kong and other countries and became a speaker to share his technical experiences. At the same time, he joined some entrepreneur events and became a judge of some awards and hackathons.

Besides establishing organizations & events, Sammy joins some professional societies and NGOs to be a member. In 2022, Sammy became a Fellow Member of the Python Software Foundation and was elected as a board member of the GNOME Foundation (2022-2024).

Sammy was invited to feature in some media interviews to share his experiences and opinions on some technology topics. Sammy also wrote a hundred of articles to some Chinese I.T. magazines, and then he become a blogger to share his experience in open soiurce, technology, travel and life, and attended some blogger events.