Sammy Fung at Santa Clara

This is the personal blog of Sammy Fung.

With over 20 years working experience in the Information Technology industry, Sammy works on the software development, data engineering, cloud & network. Sammy always contribute to open source and open data for the development, application and promotion. In the college, Sammy started to develop software application for business companies, and then enter Linux industry to work for networking and cloud applications. In recent years, Sammy works on data engineering.

In last 10 years, Sammy established the local open source and python conferences in Hong Kong, and he speaks, organises and attends overseas open source conferences.

Sammy contributed article writings to a professional Chinese IT magazine for 10 years, and taught few LPIC Linux certification courses.

Sammy also experienced as a blogger for years, to share his experiences on digital products, technology information, travel, life style, etc. He also share his experiences from reading, research and attending PR / press conferences.

Sammy is holding the following volunteer roles:

  • President, Open Source Hong Kong.
  • The Lead of Asia Committee, GNOME Foundation.
  • Mozilla Rep.
  • Conference Chair, Region Representative, Founder, PyCon HK.
  • Region Organiser, Open Data Day Hackathon in Hong Kong.
  • Founder, Open Source Asia.

Sammy own the following professional memberships:

  • Professional Member, ACM and ACM HK Chapter.
  • Member, GNOME Foundation.
  • Affiliate Member Representative, Open Source Initiative (OSI).
  • Contributing Member, Python Software Foundation.

Sammy established or held the advisory position in following organisations:

  • Founder and Conference Chair (2013-2019), Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon).
  • Founding Chairman (1997-2001, 2004), Hong Kong Linux User Group (HKLUG).
  • Founding Committee Member, Hong Kong Linux Industry Association (HKLIA).
  • Advisor, Opensource Application Knowledge Association (OAKA).

My Twitter: @sammyfung