June 2021

After the process completion of new restrictive election law legislation in Hong Kong, it increases the difficulty to run for next legislative council election. So I start to change my work to a full time independent open source contributor in the early of June. And I continue to contribute in public affairs, and blogging for it.

I start to resume my blogging in Chinese focusing on open source, technology and public affairs. To sustain my life though income, I create my Patreon. The next step is creating English technology contents for English-speaking market, and introduces my GitHub sponsor page to look for other incomes.

In the open source community involvement, I ran for GNOME board of directors election, I didn’t get a seat but it is good for me to have this experience. I also joined the event for 10-year of Mozilla Reps program.

In public affairs, I blogged about the US Senators pass the bill of USICA which is aimed to protect the internet freedom in Hong Kong, and the Open Technology Fund and open source will benefit it. I also suggest to enhance the open data dataset in the Hong Kong public consultation of franchise bus renewal.

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