Exploring Global Tech Opportunities – My experience in tech communities

I gave a sharing at the AWS Developer Year-end Meetup on Dec 12 about my experience in organising tech community, over 50 participants attended the meetup.

AWS invites us at Open Source Hong Kong to share our experience and learning from years of community learning and conference hosting. I take responsibility when our VPs are unavailable.

In my sharing, I would like to share one of the key benefits of organising tech communities and conferences which can help me or organisers explore more possibilities in Information Technology and the latest trends to help us solve puzzles at work & life. Because we’re standing in the front of the line to communicate with tech developers & builders, we are difficult to inspire some ideas with the use of the latest technology if we just read & learn from books & online content.

Community is aimed at gathering people with common interests in a city. In a university talk, I gave to 200+ university students 10+ years ago, Hong Kong is an international city and we can organise an open source conference in Hong Kong like FOSDEM and COSCUP.

I also shared my experiences building some open source communities and conferences, and what we do at Open Source Hong Kong for 10+ years. And a new society I established in 2023 to promote 6 “open” including open source and open data.

I encourage the participants to try to organise community events and start from simple to 3 things first: VENUE, SPEAKERS, and PARTICIPANTS. And later on, we look for sponsors, partners, and volunteers when we expand the community.

My slide is available here and the following embedded PDF.

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