July 2021

Open Source community in Hong Kong is lack of support from technology innovation organisations in Hong Kong. It always take me sometimes to deal with them when we invites them to offer venue sponsor or subsidy. After 2019 political movement in Hong Kong and global pandemic, it increases the difficulty of our local community works.

In July, a startup owner suggested a technology innovation organisation to support the open source community before they met the CEO of the organisation, but unfortunately the CEO ignored this part. So, we can see that the technology innovation organisations funded by the government doesn’t understand the importance of open source software fuelled the global technology innovation.

I also heard the FSFE’s public money public code campaign and contributed Chinese (Hong Kong) translation. And I am planning to promote it in Hong Kong.

In the early of July, I was invited to speak about the development of open data and open source at the Education IT Festival organised by HK Wireless Technology Industry Association, and then I created Cantonese YouTube videos with use of my slides.

In July, I highlighted some sessions from Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2021 in a Cantonese YouTube video to promote it before the conference. After the HKOSCon 2021, I resumed the organising works for PyCon HK 2021.

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