Open Data Initiative e-Newsletter Vol 1

After my contributions as a panelist and volunteer in the previous 3 Open Data Conferences in Hong Kong, I am now a co-chair of the conference with Dr. So. The organiser committee prepares our 1st e-newsletter.

Professor John Bacon-Shone Personal Youtube Channel- SUBSCRIBE 

Upon Professor John Bacon-Shone’s retirement from Social Sciences Research Centre, University of Hong Kong, and his current endeavor as Head of Quality Analytics, HKU Space, we are happy to inform you that Open Data Initiative (ODI) has enlisted Professor Bacon-Shone’s continuous support, in his personal capacity. Previous open data conference videos, together with online course materials of Quantitative Research Methods, are now open to the public in Professor Bacon-Shone’s Personal Youtube Channel: 

Bacon-Shone expresses his love for Hong Kong by combining his passion in statistics, research, and open data to give back to the community, transferring his leadership competence of rational debate based on facts and direct communication style to everyone, as well as sharing his own open data ( and data insights from 30 years of social sciences research on various problems in Hong Kong.  

As Big data revelations depend upon how well data from different incoming sources is blended, enabling uncommon types of data to co-exist and combine is key. The University of Hong Kong has set up a figshare for data sharing (, which is linked from Scholars Hub.  

A man of integrity and wisdom, and never runs from arguments, with solid foundation laid down by the research community, Bacon-Shone’s vision is to reinforce the vitality and can-do spirit of Hong Kong by building better data-driven thinking and problem-solving capacity amongst Hong Kong working professionals and youths through his personal Youtube Channel as public education.  

Please subscribe to Professor Bacon-Shone’s Youtube Channel and start your learning journey today! You can get up close and personal with Bacon-Shone by leave a message under the respective video, as he will respond periodically.  

The Fourth Open Data Conference 2022 

As we will run the Fourth Open Data Conference “Make Your Data Make an Impact” in 2022, we are currently crowdsourcing Use Cases to illustrate the mutually shared success of inter-departmental collaborations in the open government data ecosystem, tangible commercial impact in the private sector and other possibilities. Here are some examples in the Users’ own words:  

Example 1: 

In support of the Smart Living vision and a healthy lifestyle as outlined in the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint, and to facilitate address matching of COVID-19 cases with buildings in Hong Kong, the Lands Department has further enhanced the buildings of probable and confirmed COVID-19 cases dataset by incorporating the unique Building Common Spatial Unit Identifier (Building CSUID) into the dataset on Hong Kong GeoData Store ( since November 2020. Besides, the GeoAddress code provided by the Address Lookup Service on also facilitates sharing and exchange of address locations more accurately and effectively. 

Example 2: 

As a major step forward in fulfilling the necessary real-time data provisioning and updating of building locations with confirmed cases of COVID-19, the mapping rate of the BCSUID and other operational systems of the Government is reaching the benchmark of 90%.  Further down the development track of various real-time data mapping will certainly enhance precautionary and prevention measures of the frontline ambulance crew while COVID-19 infection is suspected in a patient needing emergency transport, and concurrently arousing public attention and awareness to stay alert while confronting potential future waves of the pandemic. 

Example 3: 

Listed companies can improve ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) ratings by empowering employees to innovate with open data to reduce carbon footprint.

Example 4:

Head of Product Development of banks can create better products with higher service quality by using open data shared with partners such insurance companies and hospitals. Such arrangement can yield higher ESG rating, too.

Example 5:

Logistics companies and start-ups can use the GeoAddress code to map with their own address management system, so as to operate their services more cost-effectively. Spaceship, a local-based fast-growing logistic-tech start-up, with a mission to make logistics easy for everyone, applies GeoAddress code to strengthen the address search and verification function, which facilitates the shipment creation process and in turns improves the success rate of delivery. End users enjoy cost savings by Spaceship’s all-in-one instant search and booking service online, which compares prices of all major couriers real-time. 

Example 6: 

As reducing transactional costs, improving cash flow and creating jobs are the top three priorities for SMEs, Open Data can empower enterprises to identify target customers and conduct data-driven content marketing by using A.I. and Big Data Analytics, which have become simpler and more convenient to use than ever.  

Example 7: 

Corporate Development Division of big companies are using Open Data to reduce business intelligence costs for investment and risk assessment.  

Other possibilities: 

General citizens engaging mobile commerce can meet their customers with accurate location mapping, if the data in GeoData Store and GeoMap ( are available in machine readable format of OSM ( in the near future.

When use of open data becomes ubiquitous, more analytical oriented data will become available creating new jobs and other economic opportunities, not only for data developers but also end users.

Tips on Make Your Data Make an Impact 

What are the tips for capturing these opportunities? Roll up your sleeves now to learn statistics, data analytics and form networks with individuals and organizations of different domain knowledge and expertise from you, cultivate friendship, argue with an open mind and collide your ideas to innovate together. 

Open Data Hackthaon 2021 

If you wish to train up your muscle in making good use of Open Data and help solve problems in Hong Kong environment, an upcoming Open Data Hackathon (Smart Environment) funded by OGCIO, is a good start for you:  

Registration deadline: 15 September 2021 

Hand in hand, we will walk out a new pathway to unlock the economic and social value of Open Data together. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have:  

  1. use cases or ideas to illustrate impact of your data;
  2. suggested topics of new videos in Bacon-Shone Youtube Channel; 
  3. creative ideas on format of The Fourth Open Data Conference;  
  4. interest in volunteering in a sub-committee of The Fourth Open Data Conference; 
  5. interest in in-company hybrid courses on data governance, data quality and how to make good use of open data.

With best regards,
Dr Haggen SO and Mr Sammy FUNG 
Chairpersons of 4th Open Data Conference
Open Data Initiative 

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