Confused Hong Kong Postal Code

It’s confused when websites asks for postal code of Hong Kong at delivery address and even user registrations. Usually Hong Kong citizens just keeps the field empty, or fills at required postal field with some zeros ‘000000’.

Although Hong Kong citizens sends feedback to website about their confusion of postal codes, but usually webmasters ignores. Today, I heard that a webmaster replying a Hong Kong citizens with a google page about Hong Kong postal code.

Let me repeat: “It’s no such thing (Postal Code) in Hong Kong.”

According to General Addressing Issues document published by Universal Postal Union, “Hong Kong” is listed at the table of “List of countries which do **NOT** require postal codes or use a single postal code for the whole country”.

On the other hand, to be a smart international postal sender, please write “HONG KONG” only on the last line (aka country line) of your postal. Otherwise, your packages sending to buyers or receivers in Hong Kong are in risk to lost during international postal delivery.



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