Clockenflap 2014

It’s my first year to Clockenflap, because of Tenacious D! In last December, when Clockenflap asked on its facebook page which bands and musicians are fans interested, I proposed few and Tenacious D is my first proposal. So, oh my god, The D is coming to Hong Kong and Asia, oh, why don’t I go ? so, I got a ticket and The D is a must-watched band at Clockenflap 2014.

Clockenflap is a music festival which is good to looking for foreign musicans from US, Europe and Asia. And I found The Flaming Lips, Dan are interesting as well.

But I think premium tickets are not worth, first, fast queue is important but I don’t see I need fast queue on Sunday. And premium lounge is really suck, who will use that suck lounge ? why don’t combine it with VIP lounge ? I think organiser should consider what are buyer’s expectation.

Will I go Clockenflap again next year ? Probably yes, and musician lineup is important. And I suggest weekend ticket if they don’t change its premium services.

I recommends Clockenflap to my friends in Hong Kong and the world.


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